10 Basic CMD Command For Beginners.


Although the Graphical User Interface(GUI) has taken over the Computing world today, it will be

interesting to be able to use the CMD to perform some basic tasks in order to look like a

Genius in front of your friends.

So today, I am going to teach you how to use the Command line to perform some basic functions

on your Windows.

Firt of all, lets begin by walking you through how to Start the CMD.

Step 1: Click on start.

Step 2: Type in CMD.

Step 3: Click on the CMD icon.

Now you have successfully start the CMD. Below are list of some basic CMD command and their uses:

1. MD: It is an acronym for make directory, it is use to create a new directory (folder).
   how to use: type "md folder name", then enter.
2. RD: It is an acronym for remove directory, it is use to remove(delete) directory(folder).
   How to use:type "rd folder name", then enter.

3. DIR: It is use to list all the files that are in the current directory.
   How to use:type "dir", then enter.
4. HELP: It is use to show how to use a specific command.
   How to use:type "help any command", then enter.

5. DEL:It is use to delete a file in the current directory you are in.(Note that it cant be used to delete a     folder, you need to use RD).
   How to use:type "del *file name*" then enter, or type "del *.*" then enter to delete all the files in a      directory.

6. CMD: It is use to display information about the Windows version on the PC.
   How to use:type "cmd", then enter.

7. TRACKLIST: It is use to display all the tasks that are currently active on the PC.
   How to use:type "tracklist", then enter.

8. TASKILL: It is use to end all of the listed tasks that are active on the PC.(You need to take note of the PID on the task you want to end).
   How to use:type "taskkill -pid 'PID of the task' " then enter.

9. CLS: It is use to clear the screen of the Command prompt.
   How to use:type "cls", then enter.

10. EXIT: It is use to close the command prompt interface.
    How to use:type "exit", then enter.

Although this is not the list of all the commands, but this will get you started for the main time.

 Hope you enjoyed the post, if you are facing any difficulty, feel free to leave me a comment below and I will respond ASAP.

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