Where To Learn Programming

Are you interested in learning how to code, then you are in the right place.
First things first, to go into this world you need to prepare your mind, be ready to learn,
be ready to code at least bunch of hours a week,
if you are not enthusiastic or curious about how things work, its time to start changing your mindset.
 Be ready to face problems that will literally turn your brain
into a hyper multitasking machine, most of all be ready to see the world differently because this world
you are stepping into, you haven't heard of anything like it before.

OK i didn't mean to scare you that way, fortunate for you, this days there are more easier ways to get
exposed to the programming world, unlike years ago that you
literally go through books and manuals in order to learn. A countless of web applications are developed to
guide you through the basics of programming in various languages,
In this post, I am going to point you to places where you can learn how to program in the comfort of you homes.
 Just as I said earlier, there are countless web applications
which are out there just to teach you how to program. Below are the best among them (In my own view):

This site my favorite, why you ask? well because it has a comprehensive introduction to Python which happens to be
my favorite language, aside that if you are interested in web development, there are courses for HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
Ruby and each contains a project at the end to test if you actually learnt something. This site presents you with an interactive
 way of learning, using an online interpreter for various languages, you can
follow instructions from each chapter, write the code in the editor instantly and test your code if it works.
Also there are hints to somewhat "difficult" tasks in case you can't find your way. Also you gather points from actually completing
modules,and they have something called streak, which is just a measurement of  consecutive days you spent completing tasks.
Additionally, after completing a language training, you can choose to start learning some API's like that of twitter,
facebook e.t.c and guess what? its completely free.

Code School
This web platform is similar to Codecademy in a way, with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby (Ruby on Rails). But it additionally have courses
on Objective-C, iOS development,using version control systems (GIT), JQuery and a bunch of other API's. Though unlike Codecademy, some courses have charges.

lynda.com is an online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills. Founded in 1995,
the company produces video tutorials taught by industry experts. Members have unlimited access to watch the videos, which are primarily educational.

If you are curious about functional programming languages, haskell is a  place to start, this site gives a short introduction
to haskell programming language interactively, giving you an overview of the concept and learning some basic syntax.

There are many other sites you can use to learn aside this one's, sites such as  Cousera,  Udacity , youtube etc, where you can find full university
course lectures in video with interactive course works and  tasks, which you can do to test your knowledge and also certificates are awarded in some
courses to those who satisfy the requirements of the courses.

Did I miss any one, if yes, then feel free to leave me a comment and I am going to update the post.


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